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    ON AURA TOUT VU pfw photo by Anna Barr

    The most exclusive fashion week in the world is Paris Haute Couture Week, it takes fashion and her craft to a whole new level. One of the most magical shows on the calendar is On Aura Tout Vu. This season’s theme was the “Cosmic Beetle” and afterwards we partied at the VIP club on Rue [...]

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    Rachael Zoe Anna Della Russo Paris Fashion Week

      Straight from the streets of Paris via Anna aud Pieds de Montmartre                                                                    Rachel Zoe and Anna Dello Russo     Anna Dello Russo

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    I have something for 60′s movies and France, so you can only imagine how much I laughed at a recent viewing of the 1969 film Mr.Freedom. American expatriate and former Vogue photographer from 1955 to 1965 William Klein abandoned photography to focus on film. With an eye for fashion and strong aesthetic, he captures bold [...]

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    One of my favorite shows to cover in recent seasons in Paris is Manish Arora. This season he stage his new aw12 collection at Les Docks, the uber trendy new fashion scene in East Paris. Arora’s collection drew on iconography from Brooklyn-based street artist and collagist Judith Supine. Along with his street art, Supine cuts [...]

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    Pulp Magainze  #3 Cover in Watercolour by  Iveta Karpathyova

    One of my good friend’s Iveta Karpathyova, recently relocated from Paris to Montreal, and Paris just isn’t the same. Her beauty and fashion illustrations have appeared in Lush, Glossy, Pulp, Vive and Z-Life Magazine. Usually characterized for their dramatic pastel palette that slides to a romantic intimacy with soft water colors, she sent me her [...]

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    Morana Kranjec at London Fashion Week

     I was recently in London, covering fashion week for the upcoming Eclectic Society and was taken away by Croatian born designer Morana Kranjec who presented her complex 3D paper origami techniques combining fashion and art at the Vauxhall Fashion Scout exhibition alongside one of my favorite Danish designer Anne Sofie Madesen, Phoebe English, and Prose, [...]

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      Between Milan and Men’s Week in Paris, I was kept busy this year at Berlin Fashion week. The highlight of the weeks was the Hugo Boss show at the Staatliche Musuem. The collection headed by Eyan Allen for womenswear and Bart De Backer for menswear, was made up of clean and reductive silhouettes, keeping [...]

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    I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Russian photographer, Paris transplant Mila Nesterova, her work as been featured in, Russian Vogue and Grazia. Recently, she held her Bioluminescene Exhibition at The Book Club in London. The thing that attracted me to her work is that I’m so used to seeing fashion photographers who are instructed to [...]

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    A Tribute to One of The Last Dandies of France This year marks the twentieth anniversary since music lost one of its greatest singer songwriters. Parisian Serge Gainsbourg died the 2nd March 1991, but he has been anything but forgotten. Tributes have been flooding in since last year with the release of the biopic Gainsbourg [...]

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    Dear Mr.West, In response to negative criticism regarding your runway debut in Paris, I would like to offer my unwanted feedback. First of all congratulations on showing your collection in Paris. In my opinion, others wouldn’t dare to debut here (that’s you Beckham and Stefani). As trends begin Paris and end in New York you [...]

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    Daring French Screen Queens de Anna au Pied de Montmartre   French “It Girl” Charlotte Gainsbourg, currently the face of Balenciaga Parfum, has  been  busy shooting “The Confession of a Child of the Century” with Pete Doherty, based upon Alfred de Musset’s novel, in Paris and the Rhone-Alps. I love learning about current projects as [...]

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      ORLAN the Influence Behind Lady Gaga’s Born this Way? In February Lady Gaga first stepped out with what the press was calling “bizarre flesh-coloured facial horns”, no shock or surprise here as many people in my Parisian circle immediately were reminded of French artist ORLAN.  I thought this would be a great time to [...]

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    Northern Neighbor The US has Canada, and France has Belgium. It is not easy having a loud arrogant neighbor and I wanted to make an ode to our northern neighbor. Like Canada, there is a French speaking minority. Unlike France, where 30% of the music on the radio must include French, Brussels’ metro has put [...]

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      Quintessence Room of Scents I spent Independence Day in a typical Parisian fashion, at a perfume launch. For the first day of Haute Couture week, author of Chic in Paris and number one fashion tweeter Susan Tabak, launched her first scent Sortir le Soir. Everyone from Diane Pernet to Jim Goldstein showed up. For [...]

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    The Art of French Cinema French cinema over the past decade tends to fall in three categories: Portraits, Social Chronicles, and Horror. The latter they pretend does not exist and ironically enough, in recent years they are leading the way in a new wave of French horror films. Not only have several directors gone to [...]

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    The Night Porter Shift   Marc Jacobs recently received raved reviews for his Autumn 2011 collection in Paris for Louis Vuitton. He even managed to coax Kate Moss back onto the runway, taking time away from busy nuptial plans (rumored to be in Paris). His collection was themed “Night Porter”, influenced by Liliana Cavani’s 1974 [...]

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