Ultra Glamour - Retro Feminine
Sunday Sightings

Regal Russian Dame strides by on Melrose Place as I have my Sunday Cappuccino outside,
at newly opened Alfred Coffee Shop.



              Winter Luxury in Los Angeles, as my life unfolds into a sweet journee….

                   listening to the fluttering voices of high pitched Asian girls comparing their spin classes

                                                and complaining about this awful 69 degree weather we are having.  Pffff….

      Melrose Place is like a little bite of Paris, and I am still so grateful to live here.




                 Sexy dreams last of donning my latest corset lingerie piece,       

                            “Gwen”, for my lover who is out of town. 

                             I can’t wait to take a trip with him so we can

                                             take all of our luxurious time in juicy love…









                                                  Sweet old couple walk by and he carries their farmer’s market purchases. 

                             Wonder if she ever used to prance around in corsets and garter belts for him. 

                       Hmmm, maybe she still does.



I think people who are turned off by older peoples’ sexuality, are just afraid of their own mortality. 

Either way, De Camille is for the pleasure of all ages, throughout their ages….



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